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If you think Tre Cool sucks, I hate to break it to you, but you are too caught up in being a "drummer" and not a musician. For example, Dave Weckl is a drummer. Not a musician. The "music" he plays, in my opinion, just barely qualifies as music. It's a way to show people how fast he can play. Now I'm not being too harsh on Dave, because he is a, if not THE, technical master of the drums. He is the person to look to for technique.

Tre Cool is a musician. He plays music. He's not trying to show people how fast he plays, he's merely playing drums for Greenday, and he does it very very well. You see, if Tre tried to play like Dave on a Greenday track, uhhh.... that just wouldn't work. So what Tre does is make sure his drums sound GREAT (which they do, listen to Longview for an example) and play fills that sound great and complement the music perfectly. He knows his place, and he fills his role arguably better than anyone else could. I'm not a fan of recent Greenday, but Dookie is one of the albums that got me started on drums way back in the day.

Again I will reiterate, If you play things because they are hard to play, you are only a drummer (nothing wrong with that I guess, but it's not what I want to be). If you play things because they sound good and fit with the music, then you're a drummer AND a musician. That's what Tre is, and that's what I want to be (although in a completely different style).
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