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Default Re: Drum Set Personality Types?

i don't think i really have a drummer identity yet. i look at others kits (besides just the physical beauty being a gear hound) to get ideas of new things to try since i'm not really satisfied with my own set up. but looking at other instruments i do have a lot of experience in i can totally see it. heavy metal bands playing the guitars with lots of sharp edges and certain brands even though any guitar brand would do, certain amps. classic rock guitarists usually use gibson or fender 70's styles, blues using gibson semi hollows. i think it's kind of a mentality that if your doing one particular thing you need to have a certain type of instrument to accomplish it even though in reality it's not really going to matter much what brand or the design. it's all in HOW you use it not so much in what it actually is. could jazz be played on a larger kit? i don't see why not, providing your accomplished enough to know what to do with each piece. could metal be played on a 4 piece? why not? if you can make it work and sound good, no problems. yet look at the kits, at least from what i can tell most of the jazz players on here use smaller 4 pieces and metal players use larger 6/7/8 piece sometimes double bass kits...

i would say less subconsious brand loyality but a subconsious ideal of what is expected of a certain style.
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