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Default Re: My Tamburo Original stave set(s)

Originally Posted by Lex View Post
Incredible looking drums man. I've always digged 'wood' finishes. What cymbals do you have?
Thanks for the kind words!

On these pictures cymbals are as follows:
  • Paiste 602 14" Sound Edge Hi Hat (bought in 1975! - beautiful hats)
  • Paiste 2002 Crash 17" (on the right)
  • Ufip Class Light Ride 20"
  • Zildjian Splash 10"
  • Zildjian Paper Thin Crash 16"
  • a very very old Zildjian thin cymbal which was probably the top of an hi hat and that I use like a crash

I also have a 1973 Paiste 602 Medium 20" that is almost a ride cymbal and that I like very much (not shown in the pictures). Sadly I sold a cymbal I still regret, i.e. a K Zildjian 22" ride i bought at the beginning of the 80's.
My Tamburo Original stave kit(s):
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