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Originally Posted by KlarkKent View Post
for example, just YouTube Phattie Drums, OCDP Drums, SJC Drums and the like, and you'll find plenty of videos of indie-dressed kids with their candy-colored drum kits playing loud, playing basic, and riding the crash cymbals 'til the cows yawn their way home), etc., etc.
Actually, if you youtube "Phattie Drums", you'll find select videos from touring professionals laying down some funky grooves and solos, and a bunch of product videos from the lighted kits/carved snares/etc. People seem to think Phattie's are one of these "scene" companies, but in reality that's not who's buying/touring/recording on the drums. I'm not trying to be an arse, but that isn't what you see when searching youtube for phattie drums.
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