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Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
And there's this "cheap factor" vibe I got when I saw only two people playing. When someone says "I've hired a band", I expect to see at least three people on stage. Two people are just a duet. And if one of them is playing drums, there doesn't need to be a whole lot of communication going on - one is supplying beats and the other this din. It could be totally made up on the spot and nobody would know. Having at least a bass player at least gives us root notes to hear and helps to complete the chords that are flying from the midrange guitar.

For some reason, when I see the Police headlining arenas, that seems correct. If it was just two people, I don't think it would ever go beyond a big theater, eh?
Normally yeah, but it depends on the two people and a great deal on the songwriting and vocals. The WS somehow struck a chord with people so the band/duo does play major venues. A duo will have to work hard to keep audiences entertained for a whole show.

What's fascinating for me about the WS is that they are just a duo with a drummer playing a minimalist style. Basically Jack provides almost all the music and Meg adds drum vibe and, of course, extra interest for those who are right into your avatars :)

The Police are so different - Sting provides the songs, Andy Summers adds the atmosphere and Stewie at the back is almost a one-man entertainment machine. Lot of ways to skin a cat but the tricky part is finding that chemistry of musicians, both musically and personally.
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