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Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Hey Pol,

So I've checked out this White Stripe business on YouTube. It's amazing how disconnected I am to what's going on.

Yes, I've seen them before! Kinda' reminded me more of the 5, 6, 7, 8's (which I think I like better, hell the vocals are about the same). Then I saw a band called the Hot Rats which also do the guitar and drum thing. Not sure if I like the format, but hey, if the kids are buying it, what the hell do I know? Maybe I'll find me a guitar player and do the same thing. That'd be only one guy to pay!

Thanks for the tip!
I know what you mean. I usually prefer more variety of sound. The way Jack and Meg play means the focus is heavily thrown on the lyrics, the vocal expression and the overall vibe ... there's not much else to be found but it works because those three things are always happening.

There'd be some good things about being in a two piece band as a player, though ... fewer egos, personalities and itineraries to juggle, compact and easy to organise, less gear and very easy to have a cohesive and clear direction because only two people's tastes need to be catered to.

The worst thing is it would be hard to make it work.
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