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Default Re: Getting funded by a record label

Originally Posted by Derek Roddy View Post
Shelby....I'll tell you again.... what I've told you for the last several years on my forum.

You're trying to make the worlds best soup......but, you don't have the ingredients to make it.....nor the pots and pans to cook it in.

I would be the first to tell you to go for it and follow what you're trying to do.......
Or, at the very least......the basic fundamentals of trying to reach your goals.
How are you going to negotiate with a label.......if you don't even have a band?

You have no current video (or any of merit at all) No band, no songs, no presence (other than wanting something to happen on internet forums) I don't even know if you have a drum kit.
You have put ZERO effort in trying to reach these goals....other than ask for opinions on forums....and, that doesn't help you get anywhere.

Do you seriously think that you're going to get people to give you pats on the back for trying..... when you don't have....not even one of these things.

And, you're how old at this point?

Dude....people who truly want to do this.....DO THIS.

Without the wishes of a "big break" or "making it", etc...

You seem to lack the biggest part needed for "making it happen" and, that's desire to play.
If you had'd have videos, a few bands, etc....not just the hopes of "making it".
Until you find that missing need not worry about opinions on internet forums.

Prove us us you love to play...because without have nothing.

I fully agree with you that I need to be out there playing. I had a band in Va. not long before I moved to Fl. Unfortunately that band did not work out (which ended up being a good thing in the long run). I also fully agree with you that I need a band to make things happen. But right now I'm learning all I can before I have that band. My hope is to combine all that I learn now with the practical knowledgethat I will learn with my band when I'm out there doing these things that I'm learning.

As is I'm nursing an arm and wrist injury. This is keeping me from playing with my hands right now. I just saw a Doc. about it last week. I'm still able to practice with my feet now which is a Blessing from the Lord.

I did post some examples of my playing on your board in this same thread. I figure that you just did not see that yet.

As is I'm dealing with some things (my injuries and financially) that I have to take care of. But God willing I am going to be moving to Atlanta in Dec. of 2011 (there's really no scene at all where I now live). This is where I plan to base myself out of. I have made contact with some musicians there that I hope will be good leads.
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