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Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Trust me. I didn't have to think about that one. I've been in countless projects that have been fired because we didn't keep everyone dancing and drinking. It makes so much sense to me now, and it's funny when all those 20-somethings figure it out just as I did.

Nobody cares about what drums you have. They certainly don't want to know there's strife within the band on the stage. Your job is to make them happy and keep 'em in the venue drinking. Once the bar stops making money, you're out of a gig!
I just think your comment is so true on a much larger level. Especially in the USA, college is one of the last bastions where intellectual discourse, freedom, and experiment can happen, and even this reality is starting to disappear.

All of us--teachers, workers, artists, etc.--are, in the name of political accountability, just being told, "You are here to sell the beer." A brilliant summation of what consumer culture has done to our society and education systems.
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