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Originally Posted by KlarkKent View Post
I know many who think that this indie rock approach to drumming is something that an average seven-year-old kid could play. Just messily slap your snare on 2 and 4, ride the crash cymbal
Klark, I'd say those who think that are either non-musicians or inexperienced. Any drummer can play like Meg does in Icky Thump IF they:

1) play the correct notes ... in time (harder than it looks - ask any guitarist lol)

2) hold the tempo steady - not speeding or slowing (harder than it looks - ask any guitarist lol lol)

3) maintain consistent volumes throughout the kit - expecially backbeats and kick

4) stay tuned to Jack White regularly switching arrangements on a whim at gigs - and come back in after long refrains confidently, accurately and with a bang

5) have a fair degree of control of all of the above through every song of every gig, day after day, year after year

6) have a great sounding and well-tuned kit and be capable of drawing those sounds out of the kit.

They are big IFs since most non-pros cannot tick all those boxes. I listened to the recordings of our last band practice and I sped up noticeably in three songs and I've been playing for eons. Most non-pros are so busy trying to do impressive drummerish things that they miss those fundamentals, which are musts to play at a pro level.

Certainly the only 7-year olds who might be able to do it are YouTube prodigies who can also play everything that Charlie and Phil can do as well - not to mention drum a lot of DW members under the table :)
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