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Originally Posted by KlarkKent View Post
I hear you on this point! Part of me really agrees with more power to the folks who can just get people up and grooving, and who are able to make a career out of it. Then, there is the part of me that can get annoyed with the celebration of mediocre (or worse) talent. But then again, that has more to do with popular culture, the music industry, and what Theodor Adorno calls the "Culture Industry."
Yeah, it depends on how "muso" you wanna be about it. I was that way in college: we analyzed everything to death and argued about so-and-so playing with so-and-so - like if it was going to be some kind of football game or something. And then you grow up and actually go out into the real world and discover that, really, dude, you're here to sell the beer...

People call it out selling out, like that's an easy thing to do! When you know what you don't want to do to keep that place you live in with food in it, doing anything with your drums is a much better alternative!
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