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Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Well, I'll check it out. I'm sure she doesn't need my evaluation. I just kinda' see people play and if my foot is tapping, then I'm slightly moved. If I really like the tune, I might just buy it.

Believe me, I've seen music acts come and go in the last 30 years. The way I see it, if you can actually make some kind of career out of playing your instrument, more power to ya'! If it ends up being a short time, or a long time, at least you did it. And really, any gig playing my drums is way better than my regular job (which is actually quite a good gig too)!
I hear you on this point! Part of me really agrees with more power to the folks who can just get people up and grooving, and who are able to make a career out of it. Then, there is the part of me that can get annoyed with the celebration of mediocre (or worse) talent. But then again, that has more to do with popular culture, the music industry, and what Theodor Adorno calls the "Culture Industry."
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