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Originally Posted by KlarkKent View Post
Bo: Some admire her for her simple, rock-steady beats. She just plays to the groove, compliments the beat. Charlie Watts is actually a fairly good comparison, though Watts can, I believe, play jazz and other styles.

From what I have seen, Meg is fairly limited in her abilities. Some like her a lot and praise her approach to the drums, while some claim that she is just about as (below) average as they come. It is really up to you, I think. Evaluating drummers and popular music is a very tricky field.
Well, I'll check it out. I'm sure she doesn't need my evaluation. I just kinda' see people play and if my foot is tapping, then I'm slightly moved. If I really like the tune, I might just buy it.

Believe me, I've seen music acts come and go in the last 30 years. The way I see it, if you can actually make some kind of career out of playing your instrument, more power to ya'! If it ends up being a short time, or a long time, at least you did it. And really, any gig playing my drums is way better than my regular job (which is actually quite a good gig too)!
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