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Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
I was being slightly cheeky. I really didn't want to go back through 6 pages of this thread to find out who she was. She must be somebody if everybody's been talking about her for that long.

But I've never heard of her (I admit I'm not as up-to-speed on what's popular out there). I'll give her a listen. If you're correct and she's boring, then she must be great for the band she's in, eh?

Charlie Watts could be considered boring, too. But then again, it's about the music those guys make!
Bo: Some admire her for her simple, rock-steady beats. She just plays to the groove, compliments the beat. Charlie Watts is actually a fairly good comparison, though Watts can, I believe, play jazz and other styles.

From what I have seen, Meg is fairly limited in her abilities. Some like her a lot and praise her approach to the drums, while some claim that she is just about as (below) average as they come. Polly's link to "Icky Thump" is a perfect example: some folks like her basic, hard rock groove, but I know many who think that this indie rock approach to drumming is something that an average seven-year-old kid could play. Just messily slap your snare on 2 and 4, ride the crash cymbal (which is, I think, the most awful contribution that indie music has made to current drum playing--for example, just YouTube Phattie Drums, OCDP Drums, SJC Drums and the like, and you'll find plenty of videos of indie-dressed kids with their candy-colored drum kits playing loud, playing basic, and riding the crash cymbals 'til the cows yawn their way home), etc., etc.

It is really up to you, I think. Evaluating drummers and popular music is a very tricky field.
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