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Originally Posted by Bttl
The thing is what is involved in being a great drummer? What seperates jordison, Peart, Gadd, Bonham etc. How can you compare these people when they play different styles of music. Jazz is Jazz and Metal is Metal etc.
I have to agree 100% with this comment. Have any of you Joey criticisers ever taken in mind how young the guy still is? Drummers like Steve Gadd, of course they are brilliant drummers but then look at how old they all are. I think with joeys ability so far he could learn much more in his forthcoming years especially now hes maturing up. Several people were saying that Joey cannot play drums like Buddy Rich but can they play drums like him or can Buddy Rich play drums like Joey? Whats important is that they are the top of their kind of music, they play the music they like and they are all very good at it. I think it would be near impossible to get a drummer who can master every style of drumming. Exept maybe Paragon Of Time
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