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Default Re: and what is the pay . . .?

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
It's tough to figure just where to put your band up to take it to the next level. Are you guys writing music and getting your own unique sound together? Because if you're only doing covers then you're going to be really limited as to getting gigs that pay, unless you're putting a very unique take on those songs and you've got a lot of...I don't know, PR skills and an absolutely fantastic CD quality demo.
Wow that would be something. Where I live it's the cover bands that make the most money. No one really comes out to see original bands of any genre. It's really sad but it is what the people are doing.

Cover bands that are any good here will make $400-$500 a night. Of course I live where the economy dropping is hitting the worst. People don't have much money and it really shows when at a venue.
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