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Default Re: Getting funded by a record label

Originally Posted by azrae1l View Post
i can't speak for anybody but myself but i play to play, thats it. i loved music as a child so i started playing guitar. my musical horizons changed, i learned more instruments as i'm doing now. i could care less how much i make from a show, how many people show up or even if anybody even enjoyed it (granted i do like it when people are into what i'm doing) but even sitting in my house alone with nobody listening i'm just as happy playing as what i would ever be out playing for hundreds of thousands of people. actually happier. i'm happy to have a few very close friends who i play with but i would be just as happy playing by myself. money is not the key, making it is not the key. do it becuase you enjoy it and be happy. go read some horror stories from the road, think about these guys that spend a year on the road not seeing their wives or kids. you think that stuff is fun? people really want that stuff? write music because it speaks to you, play because the music speaks to you...

or find a new line of work...

maybe a priest or something.
Feel free to speak for me, Azrael. Well said.
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