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Default Re: The price of concert tickets

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
I'm with you, Pol. I'd rather lay down $25 to see a local singer-songwriter.

GnR got bad revues here to, as also is the Dukes of September, which I am going to see tonight. It's outdoors and we're expecting a hurricane. The concert is rain or shine, so it looks like I'll be losing some money.

The bands that I have seen this summer were actually all quite good. The Doobie Brothers played about five new tunes off their latest album. CSN did a bunch of covers for their next album, which is going to be a bunch of classic rock covers. Foreigner is really a kick ass band and although probably the band I would least want to see, they were the best band I've heard in a while.

When I was a kid, I would get my allowance of 50 cents on Sunday. All the kids would go down to the candy store where you would get 5 boxes of candy for 25 cents. Today, in some of the quickie marts you can spend 1.29 for a candy bar and $2.00 for a bottle of soda. Inflation is a crazy game.
Ken, I saw Foreigner maybe 30 years ago. I remember buying their album, excited because King Crimson's ex winds player/songwriter was playing with them. You can imagine how horrified I was to hear it lol. I still went and saw them so I could see at least one King Crimson member in the flesh. They were excellent, but the music bored me. The main thing I remember from that gig was Cold Chisel playing the support; they played a brilliant version of Georgia on My Mind with Ian Moss singing. It was like this:

I used to be able to buy a buttered roll for 6c - unbuttered for 5c. A maggot bag (pie) was 11c. Mum would buy a pack of cigs for 33c - same pack is now $12. At least we're not like Zimbabwe where an egg costs Z$50 billion. No joke ...
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