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Default Re: and what is the pay . . .?

This is just the sort of topic I was discussing this evening with an old friend of mine.
It has alway been so bewildering why the subject of money (in music) is almost taboo.

We spend thousands of hours practicing, thousands of hard earned dollars buying gear, analyzing techniques of other players, transcribing beats to songs and solos, discussing every possible detail regarding drums, cymbals, hardware, electronics, heads, sticks. Hell, some of us are loyal and passionate about our drum cases.

I can't imagine any other profession on this planet that requires such an in-depth knowledge but will not discuss income. Imagine this...12 years of medical school then another four years or more of residency and not ever focusing on your careers income!

I once asked a drummer many years ago when I was younger, what a professional like himself could expect to earn. I was told to "mind your own business". Ridiculous...
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