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Default Re: and what is the pay . . .?

Jay, I am looking to take the band to the next level. As you can imagine, we went through a stage where we were playing any club in Manhattan just to get out there and play. As of late, we've been playing a lot of dinner clubs; but as we do a lot of electric jazz fusion, this can at times not be conducive to the atmosphere. We were supposed to have a regular this summer that fell through. In other words, we got screwed; but we made the best of it playing at a World Cup event before 700 people and we have a jazz fest gig. The guys in the band are less open to continuing in the dinner club circuit, so I am looking for alternatives, esp since we are a quartet and many of the clubs do not have a cabaret license and cannot use more than 3 musicians.

They say NY is a bebop town, so how do you market a jazz fusion band?
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