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Default Re: Hahaha...look at the message board home page!

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Totally unrelated, I recently found out that platypus' are poisonus. Crazy, right? The have a kind of hard spur or claw on the insides of their thighs that they dig into you and inject you with friggin platypus venom. Supposedly excruciating too. Wonder if Wy ever did battle with any lol.
Only the male has the poisonous spur, Larry. The females, as you'd expect, are gentle and sweet :)

You never get to see platypuses (platypi? haha) in the wild because they are are only found in limited areas and very, very shy of humans. While Oz is full of poisonous things that bite, the worst I've had are bee stings and bull ant bites [touch wood].

Yep, I think hemp is the way to go - definitely the most environmentally friendly fabric. Apparently good for making paper too but the powers-that-be have too many hangups about it, even though you can grow hemp without enough THC to get people wasted.
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