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Default Re: The price of concert tickets

Originally Posted by BrewBillfold View Post
Aside from ticket prices, I've often chosen to stay at home instead because so many older bands have been just doing what I consider "nostalgia tours". As I've stated here a number of times, I'm not fond of bands doing songs "just like the record", and with what I consider nostalgia tours, they're doing greatest hits setlists only, just like the records, for the umpteenth time. I have very little interest in that, but obviously it's working for many artists.
Valid point.

I stopped going to see Ozzy, because I realized no matter how many albums he comes out with, he plays pretty much the same set list ever time. He focuses most of his show on "Blizzard" with the same three Sabbath songs, a rendition of "Mama, I'm coming Home", maybe he'll play "Bark at the Moon" and the only variation is he'll insert two songs from his most current album.

There are a few other bands I've seen once, had fun, but I noticed from their live DVDs and online set lists, they don't change much from one year to the next, and it does drain any motivation I have to bother to see them another time.

Queensryche for a while were different themed tours, where they would announce up front "this tour focuses on this era of material, this is general hits tour, this tour will only be these albums" which was cool, because it was a different show every tour. But then they ran out of albums to tour behind, and it became "eh..."

What I love about Rush is no matter how many tours I've seen them on, they always manage to play at least one song I've never heard them do before, and then tends to be a lot of variety from one tour to the next, with only a few songs guaranteed to be done every time. They really don't much care if a song was a "hit" or lesser known tune. Although they almost never change songs from one night to the next.

Dream Theater takes to an extreme, and they mixed up their sets every night. You never have any idea what they'll play from one night to the next. So if you see them twice in a row, you might only see a handful of songs repeated.
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