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Default Re: The price of concert tickets

Originally Posted by Fuzrock View Post
I'm afraid that I don't have any inside knowledge to speak of but I do have a theory. Now that artists are no longer making money on record sales, they have to get all of their earnings from touring. Also, stage lighting and backgrounds have gotten quite a bit more elaborate. Gas prices may also be a factor. I'm really just poking around in the dark here. All I know is an Aerosmith/Black Crows ticket only cost me $16 in 1990. I recall in the 80's when the Jacksons got together for their Victory tour, people thought they were out of their minds for charging $35. I just don't know what happened.
You nailed a part of it. With record sales down, and people only buying singles for 99 cents, bands have become a lot more savvy on the road, charging more for tickets, and coming up with elaborate packages (ticket + shirt+meet and greet for a price) to make up for lost revenue.

The other aspect is insurance for a tour has gone up astronomically over the years.
And higher gas prices do factor in, especially on a big tour that might have 10-20 trucks, and 5 to 10 buses.

It is sick. In 1986, I paid $16 to see Rush, and this last tour was $170 + surcharges for good seats.

Even with all the higher costs associated with touring, it's hard to believe tickets have gone up by such a large margin.

The wife and I were looking at going to see Fleetwood Mac a year or two ago, and face value of a ticket was $250 each. We stayed home. I've not gone to many shows I would have liked to have because the ticket prices were just to high.

When the Police came to Los Angeles for their reunion tour, tickets started at $200. Why??

In two weeks I'm going to see Katatonia. They are coming all the way from Sweeden. Tickets are $15. Much better value.
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