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Default Re: Hahaha...look at the message board home page!

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Elk hide Andy? great value? How can that be? Are there elk hide ranches? I don't wanna murder a poor elk!
I say make them from hemp, softer and more absorbant than cotton, able to weather salty environments, 4x the strength, 1/10 the pesticides, lasts forever..

I would think elk hide would have political issues like fur, no?
Actually no Larry. For the record, I'm not a fan of recreational hunting, and I'm a huge hater of anything approaching animal exploitation/cruelty. They have a lot of elk in Sweden, too many in fact. Sweden is a bigass country with a tiny population. It's mostly forrest. Each year, they cull the elk. Because the deep forests are difficult to get to, they mainly cull animals that roam near the highways. That in turn means that animals not used to roads, then populate the territory. Elk collisions with cars is a constant problem in Sweden, accordingly, most major roads are lined with elk fences. Elk is a common food meat in Sweden, so there's no shortage of elkhides to go round.

Elkhide in Sweden is no different to leather products from beef cattle in NA. You can agree or disagree with that all day long. ne thing I do know though, elk steak tastes superb & the hide is amongst the very best you can get.
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