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Default Re: The price of concert tickets

I am going to see The Dukes of September tomorrow for 20 bucks. I have seen six concerts this summer for 10 bucks due to Live Nation promotions. Then they sell you an upgrade for 10 bucks. I saw Foreinger with Styx and Kansas, The Doobie Brothers with Chicago, Yes with Peter Frampton, CSN, Asia and now Dukes of September. My total expense was about 80 bucks. There were other shows that they had for 10 bucks that I would have gone had I gotten the tix. Truthfully, I am not going to pay the high price to see a show, and these were a fun night out with friends seeing some bands from way back in the day. If musicians can get 200-300 hundred bucks a ticket, I would rather see the promoters get the profit than the scalpers or agents who would get that price any way. And if there were someone I really wanted to see, laying down 500 bucks for a 8th row ticket at the Garden where I am sitting next to Bob Dylan, Gwenyth Paltrow or Bono is not a bad thing.
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