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Default Re: The price of concert tickets

Originally Posted by Jeremy Bender View Post
That being said, I can not believe the cost of tickets these days! What the hell happened to the days of $25-$30 seats to a show? C'mon $100.00 and up to see a band play for an hour?

Maybe we're not paying for the performance but the private planes and the fleet of tour buses that are "necessary"?
There are a lot less planes and extra busses/personnel than you might imagine, Most tours run very lean & mean, especially lately with the economy and ticket sales weaker than usual.

I'm not sure what bands play for only an hour and charge $100, but I agree that's excessive for anybody I'd want to see. As for ticket prices, they will vary for a few reasons: venue size, and the band's draw & demographic. A band playing theaters (1-3000 seats) who asks $75 for tickets, may ask only $50 if they're playing a 7500 seat shed, because they.might not be able to fill that venue at $75 (that is, it's better to have 100% capacity at $50, than 50% capacity at $75.) And an up & coming band whose audience is younger usually can't charge as much as an established band whose audience is older and more likely to afford the higher ticket.

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