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Default Re: The price of concert tickets

There are many different motivations for it, but the bottom line is, "What will the market bear?" If enough folks are willing to pay the price, then plenty of other folks will be happy to charge it.

If you think concerts are bad, look at the price of some other tickets:

The best seats for some Broadway shows now are about $200
The best seats at Yankee Stadium now are $1600. Yes, you read that correctly. $1600, for one seat for one game. They also have tickets priced at $1325, $1075, $975, $875, etc. Of course, they do have nosebleed, and way-the-hell-out-in-the-outfield bleacher seats, and so on for $14, $20 etc. too.

A few bands have figured out that they can charge those $1000 or so prices too--they usually do it with "meet 'n greet" packages.
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