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Default Re: Getting funded by a record label

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Can you all tell me what you think is the best way to get funded by a record label to where it is advantageous for both the band and the label? I'm would like to find out how my band can do well financially to where we make a profit from our endeavors?
Throughout this thread you seem to come off as someone who thinks that he is absolutley going to be signed to a record label and such a thing is simple to do. But instead you want to do it yourself and get all the money. Now you want to know how to negotiate with a record label so you can digress and settle for a little less money. I don't care if your band is the best band in a large city, there is no way to be assured that a record label will even let you talk to a receptionst, let alone give you a deal. The music business, at least the kind you are thinking of with record labels and such, is only a job for those who are already in it. Anyone wanting in just doesnt fill out an application and get hired. It's a long shot on the best of days and to think your going to make it is an ok dream to have but your getting an awfully late start in life for that sort of thing.
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