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Default Re: Drum Set Personality Types?

Every kit that I own is a direct representation of a piece of my personality.

I view the, "Show Your Kits" threads and I get many ideas from the images that reside within them.

My trip over the past few years has been to take beginner and practice kits and combine them with high end cymbals. I put good heads on the drums and I tune them to perfection.
I have created three kits that I simply can't resist playing by doing this.

I am having the time of my drumming life from expanding on the Ideas that I get from this site.

I love this place!

Drums and cymbals are all about personality.
No other instrument allows a player to set up in endless ways.
No other instrument allows a player to play so many different sounds!
You don't even have to tune drums to specific notes! Unless you want to.
Freedom, Total Freedom!
I kind of like old drums:)
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