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Default Re: Another unreal Buddy Rich solo!

yeah finn, I agree. I am on record several times on DW as not being the biggest Buddy fan. That stuff is amazingly difficult, but man, it just gets tired after the 1st minute (not to mention, this is only like the 100th video just like that posted).

I think he put EVERY Buddy trick in that video...the one handed roll, the reach down and play the bass drum with the stick, the playing of the sticks together, playing on the rims and changing the pitch...All very classic stuff.

For those in that other thread that say "speed doesn't matter" they should probably watch this video and realize that without a practice pad and technique, 95 per cent of this solo is impossible. Also, for those who don't think rudiments are important, watch again.

But yeah, I'm with finn here. I was only blown away because I'm a drummer and I know how technically difficult a lot of that stuff is. As a music fan though, it doesn't do anything for me. I actually thought the best part was one he played that little groove with just his right hand and bass drum note. But being Buddy, that lasted about 5 seconds, then he was back to blazing singles on the hi hat.
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