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Default Re: Getting funded by a record label

Originally Posted by jer View Post
Individual members. We worked jobs and saved money that we put into the project. I'd loose pay checks when we went on tour, as did the other guys. How did we pay our rent? We ultimately went into debt with ourselves and we would spend the next couple months making up what was lost to get back on top.
Are you sure we weren't in a band together? lol I did a couple of those "Bad Credit" tours years ago. Folks left on the tour with nice cars, apartments, etc., then came back from the tour with people trying to repossess stuff, evict them, etc. While on the road, we occasionally slept in the truck and van for a night or two to save some money, and there were many weeks where we were lucky to make $40-50 a piece after we covered expenses. Sometimes it would seem like we were about to get ahead a bit . . . and then the truck would break down, or the mixing board would need to be fixed or something. $2600 per year--that's not a bad salary, is it? Now, maybe if it had been the 1880s instead.
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