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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

Originally Posted by CptHowdy View Post
As for the off-set pedals, how exactly is that going to help anything feel better if you are used to playing the traditional way with your bass drum setting and having your toms on a rack in front of you, seems kind of pointless in that matter because you arent reaching over or anything. Your toms are right in front of you, but i can see the point if your toms are mounted through off of your bass drum.
Hi Cpt.

Point well taken! Many times it does come down to what you're used to. Certainly, if you switch from the typical double bass pedal to the Off-Set, there will be some adjustment, but I can tell you that it's well worth it. When you're sitting centered, right behind your bass drum, you can equilaterally place your toms to your left or right. Even a few centimeters can make a difference. Your sense of balance is enhanced.

I haven't revealed this to anyone except to the subscribers of my web site ( - free, by the way), but shortly I'll be posting an interview I had with the creator of the Off-Set pedal, Charles Fisher. You'll also have a chance to win the pedals outright! In any case, it is very educational.

Hope to see you there!
Omar Alvarado, The Paradiddler
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