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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

Seeing as how i started off playing with a gibralter prowler, id say its a pretty well rounded pedal. It is single chain driven and its on the cheaper end of the deal, but ive gotten to speeds with those double pedals that i can attain with my axis pedals. Yea they are no where near as smooth but i had less problems with the prowlers than i did with my iron cobras. I play fast, and i kick hard as hell, there is a lot of power behind my feet. I dont see why we are suggesting that this young drummer spend a lot of cash on good equipment when the prowlers are just as good as any other chain driven pedal, they are adjustable, and are great to learn with. I think i paid 160 USD when i bought them a year ago and they are still holding up strong, ive moved them around plenty, and they have been through a lot, still holding strong.

As for the off-set pedals, how exactly is that going to help anything feel better if you are used to playing the traditional way with your bass drum setting and having your toms on a rack in front of you, seems kind of pointless in that matter because you arent reaching over or anything. Your toms are right in front of you, but i can see the point if your toms are mounted through off of your bass drum.

Just my little spiel, im off the soap box now.
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