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Default Re: Another unreal Buddy Rich solo!

Originally Posted by AvengedDrummer
Such an amazing solo....Those comments prove some people dont realize the skill it takes to do some of that stuff.
The comments are a nightmare of idiocy as a whole on both sides. You've got the "Good lord, that's just noise, I could do better than that" school versus the "Man, u sux, haven't you eva herd of syncapashun? Plus, that's really hard to do!" crowd.

They're both right, in a way. Yeah, that stuff is immensely hard. Yeah, Buddy was one of a kind and he's still pretty much untouchable. But on the other hand, I find myself agreeing with the people listening to it going "That's not musical". Any five seconds of that solo would absolutely knock my socks off in the context of something more structured and dynamic, but as a whole I tend to find Buddy's solos quite dull because of the absence of space or shape.

He's the kind of drummer who blows me away when he's playing time, continues to blow me away for about twenty seconds of the solo and then shortly later causes me to switch off the album and listen to something else.
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