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Default Re: Rush in Omaha 8/25/10

Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
Good video, thanks for posting.

You know, I saw them here in Seattle a couple weeks ago and was baffled by that Tom Sawyer lead-in video thing. I didn't get it. At first I thought, "WTF! When they said they would 'play' Moving Pictures in its entirety, I didn't guess they meant the original studio recording to some campy-ass video!"

And that "backstage" skit video at the end? I've never seen so many thousands of people collectively cringe so hard in all my life! Embarrassing.

Good show though - when they were playing, that is.
Huh? They did play the entire album.

The videos are just part of the intermission. The videos don't cut into their actual playing time.

The intro and intermission videos were obviously parodies of how much Rush was slogged in the early days, and were make fun of the stories in the documentary on them that just came out. They were a bit long, but Rush has been doing this for the last three tours now.

These videos surely beat the ones from the last tour, but I think the ones from R30 were better.

Like Fuzrock said, the ending video was payback for Rush being included in the movie "I Love You Man". People were laughing their rears off here in LA over them.

Rush has always had a bizarre sense of humor. In the 80's their concerts started with the "Three Stoges" theme song. The Presto tour had the big inflatable rabbits. And as I've said, they've had the extended video bits for at least the last three tours. And video screens as part of the act since the 80's
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