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Default Re: Your Shameful Music

No "guilty pleasures" here.

Here's my spiel for "guilty pleasure" threads, starting off with a couple quoted passages:

From Wikipedia (the emphases are mine): "In psychology and ordinary language, guilt is an affective state in which one experiences conflict at having done something that one believes one should not have done . . . Sigmund Freud described this as the result of a struggle between the ego and the superego parental imprinting . . . Some thinkers have theorized that guilt is used as a tool of social control. Since guilty people feel they are undeserving, they are less likely to assert their rights and prerogatives . . . As with any other emotion, guilt can be manipulated to control or influence others . . . Guilt can also be remedied through cognition, the understanding that the source of the guilty feelings was illogical or irrelevant."

From "Guilt is . . . Feeling of regret for your real or imagined misdeeds, both past and present . . . Feeling of obligation for not pleasing, not helping, or not placating another . . . Driving force or mask behind which irrational beliefs hide.

"People can and sometimes will . . . Make you believe they will suffer greatly if you do not respond positively to their request(s) . . . Call on your guilt to respond to their requests, even when it means violating your rights . . . Accuse you of misdeeds, words, or actions to arouse your sense of guilt and make you believe you are the one with a problem . . . Reinforce your negative self-perceptions, encouraging you to be guilt ridden and self-judgmental for their benefit . . . Build a case with moral absolutes to convince you of the ``right way'' to do things, avoiding that negative feeling of guilt for themselves . . . Set up situations for you in which you will believe your alternatives are limited to that which results in the least sense of guilt."
You shouldn't feel guilty about listening to any music. Your taste is fine just as it is. Don't worry about whether it doesn't match others' tastes. If they have a problem with you having different taste it's their problem, not yours. Like whatever music you like and be proud of the fact that you like it.
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