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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

My DW' maple Collector Series arrived. Thanks to Sam Ash and DW for very efficient service, from order to delivery in Hong Kong, about two months. And to various forum members for input/suggestions and to Drummers World for providing such a valuable resource for research.

They look beautiful and sound great. Anyone who thinks the shorter toms may not have enough projection shouldn't worry - the 11 x 14 and 14 x16 are very fat sounding and the 8x10 provides a really nice top end thwack. And they're very easy to hump around! The pix don't do the finish justice - it's very, very nice.

FInish is Black Velvet FInish Ply (except the 5 x 14 Edge snare which I already had).


8 X 10 X shell
9 X 12 VLT
11x14 w/legs VLT
13 X 16 w/legs VLX
16 X 20 w/BDM VLX

Cymbals: Paistes - 21" ride, 16" and 17" crash, 10" splash, 14" HH.

Have a 9000 pedal, but didn't get their other hardware - too expensive; happy with a mix of Tama/Yamaha stands. Glad I got the DW bass drum mount rather than tom stands though - it's a solid and well-designed piece of gear and the less heavy metal I have to carry around the better at my age.

Some posters say DW is all hype - maybe it is, they certainly market well and provide good customer service. But bottom line, these are great drums.

Cheers, David
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