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Default Re: Help designing a Performing Arts center!

I would suggest looking into Max Rheinhardt. I have always found his ideas about theater to be captivating. He had this idea of the theater of five thousand that would be in the round like an ancient Greek theater. Near me there is a theater that is in the round and the stage revolves. Some musos get sea sick; but I really love the idea.

If you consider sporting events. Hockey, B Ball, Football, boxing tennis etc. all happen in the round. The spectators surround the playing field for optimum visibility. But when large name acts like U2, Springsteen, Paul McCartney or Dave Matthews play arenas or football stadiums, they perform towards one side of the arena. This limits the visibility and also sound quality of those who are far from the stage. The rock group Yes performed in the round back in the 1970s and it was a great way to see a show. It really limited the number of bad seats. I had a ticket for mid way back in the arena about 20 rows up. It would have been a mediocre seat but now it was primo, as were the seats that are furthest back from where the stage would be in a regular concert setting
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