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Default Re: Getting funded by a record label

Hey mate at the end of the day go for it, you need to go there to realise all this for was said some great stuff below........

As you've said here mate if you can find another three or four musicians who are as patient as you then go for it..............within a couple of months most are itching and believing 'were not gonna make it' and will fall off the radar.........

But hey get out there and prove us wrong...........I wish you luck and admire your vision

I still disagree with you that a Christain metal band cant be hugely successful.

I dont understand why it is so hard for people to understand that it is a building process. And as the band starts to make more money that will open more doors and contacts for us. We wont be starting out with a million dollors. We have to build up to that point.

Of couse its a business. But there are different ways to do business. All business is not done in the same way. There are ways to do things that a lot of epople dont do them that need to be explored.

I know Imogean Heap. i know that she has done well thus far. I think that if she keeps building it up she will get to where she can tour europe at some point. It may take some time but it can happen.

The thought of forming my own label is looking more interesting to me at this point.
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