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Interview Outtakes: Black Crowes Drummer Steve Gorman on Ringo Starr, Working with Warren Zevon and Avoiding Grunge's PitfallsBy Annie Zaleski, Thu., Aug. 26 2010 @ 12:45PM Categories: Story Outtakes

On Ringo Starr and how Ringo influenced his playing as a drummer:
RFT: I know that Ringo Starr is a big influence on you as a drummer, which I find interesting because while he is revered by many, he hasn't always been labeled critically as a great drummer. So I'm curious to know how he influenced you as a player.

People still argue about [basketball players] Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain, you know what I mean? And if that's an argument you're going to actively [pursue] - anyone who says Wilt Chamberlain, I don't even listen to them. I don't want to know anything else about their life. It's like saying Ringo or Neil Peart - that doesn't even make sense to me. Of course Neil Peart is an amazing drummer, as is John Bonham, as is Charlie Watts, as is Glenn Kotche from Wilco - that guy is insane! I would honestly say even more so than Bonham and Led Zeppelin, I can't imagine another drummer playing in The Beatles. The sound and feel of that band, people just take them for granted as far as how great of a band they were, because they're the biggest band ever.

You go back and listen to their live tapes from '62 and '63, when they're just playing six hours a night, they are swinging like crazy! Ringo is such a swinging drummer and he's very much a groove drummer. Everyone talks about Ringo because he's the most famous drummer ever and they miss the point on him. The other guy that no one ever talks about is John Densmore from the Doors, who's just a monster part of what the Doors were. The Ringo thing, you just can't hear anybody else playing those tunes. You just can't imagine any of that stuff making more sense. I hear "The Ballad of John and Yoko" and it just makes my skin crawl to hear Paul McCartney play that drum kit the way he plays it. It's hard for me to even know where to start because there's hardly been anybody more musically in tune with what the song needed than Ringo Starr. Who knows how it must have been like to be in the Beatles, but the fact is he was the one in The Beatles. You look at the scoreboard and they won the game, you know what I mean?

Definitely. You hear certain drummers, and you know by the sound of their playing, exactly who it is behind the kit.

Totally. The best example is on the "Sgt. Pepper" reprise at the end of the album, when it counts in and he just plays that little beat for eight measures, that is my favorite drum pass of all time. I can listen to that on a loop for an hour. It just feels perfect to me - that's what everything is supposed to feel like, right there. And every drummer in the world can play it, but nobody can make it feel like that. Drumming is about something feels.

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