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Default Re: Getting funded by a record label

dude, i told you roughly what to expect and roughly what it would cost. i said nothing about not doing it. you want every little single detail of it? fine, i'll give it to you. i never once said you couldn't, or shouldn't or anything else.

if you can get the money together go for it, no harm in trying. the only warning i gave you was not to expect making money all the time. sometimes you do, sometimes you don't.

so don't go and get all hurt saying nobody helped you and nobody saw your side or your point. everything your talking about i've been doing for years, i don't agree with all your views or your philosophies but thats not saying your wrong either. there's a lot more to doing this stuff then just getting money and thats what people are telling you.

1. get a band
2. get some songs
3. play places and meet people, network

then worry about putting on your shows and starting your own label. it makes no sense to start thinking about doing your own tour if you don't even have a band or songs. it's nice to have goals and such but think realistically and by that i don't mean stop dreaming, i mean think about the things you need first then do them, then the things you need second them do them and so on. i don't see that as being negative, it's setting you in the right direction. or would you rather i tell you oh sure put on that show next week, who needs a band to play it? who needs songs to play? think about tomorrow not 10 years from now, concentrate on whats right in front of you right now rather then what could be in the next decade.

once you have a band and have 10-15 songs then start opening for other bands, get 30 -45 songs start headlining your shows, travel around the local area and build a fan base for a year or 2, then move to near by states for another year or 2.

oh hell with it, i can keep going for hours, you either get the point or you don't. it can be done but you need to put more thought into it and set priorities.
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