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Default Re: Getting funded by a record label

Originally Posted by drummingman View Post
To be honest there is no point even asking the type of questions on forums that i have asked here (as well as other forums) as well as other questions concerning making it to a place of huge success in a band anymore. Because i have seen the types of responses that i have gotten and will get. At this point its not worth the headache to me anymore to even try to approach these types of topics from a positive and different viewpoint then most (not all i truly hope) people on drum forums. Because i just get bashed for it. So why waste my time talking about these things anymore on these forums. When it comes to talking about certain things i think that drumming forums can be a good thing. But when it comes to talking about trying be successful and trying to do things in different ways, from what i can tell most of the drum forums are useless. Because people just rag on others that believe they can truly achieve their dreams and goals and that believe that they dont have to do eveything the same way that everyone else has done them.

I find it kind of depressing that a lot of impressionable drummers will go on drum forums with a fire in their hearts to reach for their dreams expecting at least most others to feel the same way just to have everyone throw water on their fire. Just because some people have not gotten where they want to be they have a negative viewpoint and they try to project that onto others. When the others dont buy into it that are viewed as naive.l.
This simply isn't true.

No one on here is telling you it can't be done.

People are giving honest advice based on "been there, done that, got burned".
Every successful musician on the planet started from no where and got to somewhere.

Of course, it is possible.

But it is difficult, there are 1001 road blocks on the way you'll have to deal with, and you have to be prepared to face them with a realistic point of view.

This post of yours show is showing the complete opposite of what you're talking about. You feel you need to give up discussing it because a few people rubbed you the wrong way. That's not a sign of you being positive, that's a sign of you backing down.

Whatever we say here is going to be minor compared to the real word.

As the saying goes,
"There are are two sides to the music business. One side is dark, seedy, cruel and mean, and there is there is the bad side..."

If you think discussing it here in a safe environment is a waste of time, how will you deal with these issues in the real world?

Most of the initial posts in this thread are saying it can be done, but you have to look at the reality. But rather than look at the reality, you're bashing people for offering real world advice.

Now who's being the negative one here?

I think every single person in this thread would love for you to be the most successful Christian Metal drummer on the planet. But if you can't take constructive criticism and see the reality of what you're up against, you'll never achieve your goals.

Anyway, back to topic, I suggest reading this book:
Hit Men: Power Brokers and Fast Money Inside the Music Business

And this one:
Bumping Into Geniuses: My Life Inside the Rock and Roll Business

And this book is a bit lighter in material, but still a good read on how one can have everything go right, but still not end up going anywhere.
Killing Bono: I Was Bono's Doppelganger
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