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Default Re: Getting funded by a record label

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Did you actually read my post? Pretty balanced & real world IMO.
I did. There are some points that i do agree with you on. Others not. From what i can tell i agree with most of your numbered points as they apply to going into debt with a lable and as they apply to self financing a big album and a big tour.

After thinking about it more earlier tonight i do believe that i may have to go into debt with a label. I just dont want to end up on the losing end of that deal.

I dont think that i have been in denial. I have just been trying to think of doing things in a way where my band and the band members that i play with dont end up owning more then we can pay back.

My whole reason in starting this thread was to explore different ways of funding albums and tours without the band being in such a bad financial place after they have done the album and after they have done the tour. I hate to see anybody go into debt to where they have to worry about what they are going to do to get out of it. I have heard so many horror stories about money owed killing a band. I just dont want that to happen to my band/bands.

I really want to get the busniess side of things in my head the best that i can. I have come to believe that if one takes a hands off approach to music business they are just asking for trouble. I do have a bit to go before i start another band as is. Im just trying to think ahead that way i dont find myself in a situation and then not know what to do (even though i know this is going to happen at times because i cant prepair for everything. But i can try).
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