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Default Re: Getting funded by a record label

Originally Posted by mattsmith View Post
I am sorry but this is one of the single most immature posts in the history of this forum. It's also a slap in the face to everyone who tried to help you. I for one was actually one of the people who told you to keep the dream, but I believed you had to adopt at least a dose of practicality.

Do you really think I don't understand the dream, the fire, what's in the heart etc? Do you think others here don't?

Are you serious?

Over the course of 5 years I was told by at least 100 people on this forum alone that my concepts were wrong and would lead me nowhere. However, I ignored that because behind the scenes I was adopting a clear and practical plan of action that would lead from point A to point B. People also were publicly aware of my actual abilities within the realms of music/ something you still inexplicably avoid/. I've been the epitome of your point And they refused to listen to the naysayers and they achieved their goals. Still even I'm saying your presentation lacks a great deal to be desired and is arrogant to the nth degree.

However, the primary difference between you and me was that instead of just talking about it again and again on a drum forum, and simply and naively taking it for granted that others don't get you. I've actually been out there learning things the hard way and taking hits as I go. You might also want to drop these comparisons to yourself and people like the Wright Brothers because it reveals for all to see an ego bigger than Christmas.

There are doers and there are talkers, while quite frankly those who talk don't get to lecture anyone until they've at least shown something.

Finally when invoking the name of God as a last word gimmick you might want to recall that God helps those who best help themselves.

Some things just need to be said. And i said them. I personally dont care if you think the post was immature. Thats your opinion and your entitled to it. If you told me to keep the dream i thank you. But what some call practicality i call negativity and limiting mindsets that keep a person in a little box.

I think that some of the people that have posted in this thread used to have the dream and the fire. But they stopped believing they could achieve it. Thats obvious from their posts. And what else is obvious is that because they no longer believe they want everyone else that does to believe that its like winning the lottery (which is just another way of saying you dont have a chance).

I dont have to take it for granted that most others here dont get where im coming from. They made that very clear from what they have said. Im glad you have been out there doing your thing. I have also done things as well. Just because i dont post everything about my life on a forum does not mean that i have not accomplished anything.

I know that im not arrogant. I just believe that anything is possible with Gods help.
I was never comparing myself to the wright brothers. I was giving an example of people that did not listen to the naysayers (i guess you missed that).

And i NEVER invoke the name of God as a last word gimmick. This just shows all to well that you dont know me even in the least. God does help those who helps themselves for sure. And i am doing things to help myself. Again, just because i dont post everything about myself here to see if you approve does not mean that im standing still in my life.

I dont hold a grudge against you man for the things that you have said to me. But dude, you personally dont get me at all. And im really ok with that.

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