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Default Re: Getting funded by a record label

Originally Posted by drummingman View Post
I do think That i may be have to go into debt to do what it is that i want to do. That may very well be true. But at the same time if i can avoid that debt then that is my goal.

To be honest there is no point even asking the type of questions on forums that i have asked here (as well as other forums) as well as other questions concerning making it to a place of huge success in a band anymore. Because i have seen the types of responses that i have gotten and will get. At this point its not worth the headache to me anymore to even try to approach these types of topics from a positive and different viewpoint then most (not all i truly hope) people on drum forums. Because i just get bashed for it. So why waste my time talking about these things anymore on these forums. When it comes to talking about certain things i think that drumming forums can be a good thing. But when it comes to talking about trying be successful and trying to do things in different ways, from what i can tell most of the drum forums are useless. Because people just rag on others that believe they can truly achieve their dreams and goals and that believe that they dont have to do eveything the same way that everyone else has done them.

I find it kind of depressing that a lot of impressionable drummers will go on drum forums with a fire in their hearts to reach for their dreams expecting at least most others to feel the same way just to have everyone throw water on their fire. Just because some people have not gotten where they want to be they have a negative viewpoint and they try to project that onto others. When the others dont buy into it that are viewed as naive.

Again, if everybody thought "oh man, its too hard. Theres too much of a chance that i will fail. There are already so many people trying to do it", nobody would ever make it to a place of success (and this is not just in the music business but every other business where its tough to succeed). The people that did not chose to buy into these types of thoughts and that chose to ignore the advice of those that did are the ones that have been (and will be) successful. There is a reason why those who made it to where they want to be tell people not to listen to the naysayers. Its because they heard it all as well. And they refused to listen to the naysayers and they achieved their goals.

Im not arrogant in any way (all the people that know me can attest to this). I just truly believe that with Gods help that anything can be done. Anything! And i refuse to believe differently until God tells me that im wrong (the bible says that with God ALL things are possible). I truly believe this with every fiber of my being. Do i make mistakes? Yes, mistakes all the time. And i am always striving to learn. But i also dont believe that something cant be done just because lots of people tell me that it cant. Im sure that the wright brothers were told that trying to make an airplane was nuts and that they should just give up. But we all know what happened in that story.

I will just go and do what is in my heart to do and what i think is the best way to do things learning from the most positive people as i can as i go. And if i find that im wrong on something then i will do my best to learn what i did or am doing (or believed or am believing) wrong. And then i will do my best to correct my mistake. But i have to at least give things a good deal of thought (and at times try those things) to see if they work or not before i give up on them. And this can even be the case when those that i do trust (people that i know and have known for a good while) tell me that im wrong on something. Because they may be wrong themselves. And the only way that i will know if it just did not work for them and it may work for me will be for me to try it. What i will have to do is really think about the thing that im considering to see if i should try it or not before i do try it.

Coming back to the wright brothers, im sure that they were not the first people that tried to build a flying machine. And i would be willing to guess that those that tried to build an airplane and it did not work out for them either told the wright brothers (or would have told them if they could have) that they were wasting their time. Im sure that they went through a lot of trail and error before they achieved their goals. But they preserved. And in time they were successful.
I am sorry but this is one of the single most immature posts in the history of this forum. It's also a slap in the face to everyone who tried to help you. I for one was actually one of the people who told you to keep the dream, but I believed you had to adopt at least a dose of practicality.

Do you really think I don't understand the dream, the fire, what's in the heart etc? Do you think others here don't?

Are you serious?

Over the course of 5 years I was told by at least 100 people on this forum alone that my concepts were wrong and would lead me nowhere. However, I ignored that because behind the scenes I was adopting a clear and practical plan of action that would lead from point A to point B. People also were publicly aware of my actual abilities within the realms of music/ something you still inexplicably avoid/. I've been the epitome of your point And they refused to listen to the naysayers and they achieved their goals. Still even I'm saying your presentation lacks a great deal to be desired and is arrogant to the nth degree.

However, the primary difference between you and me was that instead of just talking about it again and again on a drum forum, and simply and naively taking it for granted that others don't get you. I've actually been out there learning things the hard way and taking hits as I go. You might also want to drop these comparisons to yourself and people like the Wright Brothers because it reveals for all to see an ego bigger than Christmas.

There are doers and there are talkers, while quite frankly those who talk don't get to lecture anyone until they've at least shown something.

Finally when invoking the name of God as a last word gimmick you might want to recall that God helps those who best help themselves.
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