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Default Re: Getting funded by a record label

Originally Posted by drummingman View Post
If everybody believed that something could not be done just because others told them it could not then where would the world be? Nowhere, thats where.
Who ever said "IT CAN'T BE DONE"? Who? Where? In which one of your many threads?........Please, show me.

This is where we digress my friend. Across all your threads, I've never seen a single soul tell you straight up that "it can't be done"........never. You confuse practicality for negativity.....the two are vastly removed. A good start would be to learn the difference.

But I'll tell you this. I stopped believing a long time ago that Santa, or the tooth fairy or whatever magical entity you want to portray, was gonna just up and hand it to me on a platter, no questions asked. If you want something you've gotta get off your arse and work for it. At 34 years of age, this should be self evident.

The simple fact is, that you won't. You haven't got a band, you haven't got music, at this point in your "career" you've got nada! Get the important issues sorted first (a band would be a great start, then I'd concentrate on the MUSIC) and then worry about the "what if's".

That's pretty much all I've tried to tell you all along. Yet, those practicalities get lost in dream time and everyone gets branded as a naysayer as a result. It's so frustrating!

A successful career CAN be made, there's NO disputing that. But NOT without taking that first step. Get a band, write music, get a product that people want to hear. Until you accept that, the rest is just polite (though albeit, delusional) conversation.
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