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Default Re: Abbey Road (The place, not the album)

[quote=Pass.of.E.r.a.;736742]So this afternoon I had the pleasure of being able to take a stroll down Abbey Road!! Seeing as I live in Canada, I'm rather far away, and so this was a big deal for me!

Many years ago, i had a contract with a building company to re-furbish/carry out the electrics a top floor flat in Abbey Road, about 100 Yards from the famous Zebra Crossing, and just down the road from the studio,s.

First day there, yes you had to do it, walk across the road in stupid fashion, but mate, it just has to be done, to say you were there, and you done the Zebra crossing thing.

Cabbies dont mind people crossing the road, but when they start doing it in a stupid fashion with camara in hand then yes, that is when they get real p@ss*d..
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