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Default Re: Help Me Pick A New Car Or Truck

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
I bought my truck 10 years ago because I was slowly gutting and remodeling my house.
I don't need the truck anymore so I was thinking of changing to a more compact vehicle.
It is hard to street park my truck when I play city gigs.
Also I have to load the drums from the side. Not always practical when parked between cars in a parking lot.
I just thought that a hatch back 4WD would be a nice change.
I only drive about 12000 miles a year.
The Honda CRV does a great job. Cheap to run, reliable, comfortable, & a perfect load area for drums. Even the petrol (gas) version is economical. You can pick them up for not too much money too. Maybe little street cred, but hey, it's convenient wheels without all the bells & whistles.
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