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Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
I looked at his bio on Bernhard's site and I'm still confused.

Did he play with Soundgarden from Bad Motorfinger (first major album) all the way to the end, or did he jump ship to Pearl Jam?

And speaking of Pearl Jam, how many freakin' drummers have they gone through.

I wish I could say Matt was either good or bad, but I don't know what is him and what is someone else!!!!
Matt joined Pearl Jam a fair while after Soundgarden broke up - in the meantime he put out an album or two by a band of his own called Wellwater Conspiracy which were, IMHO, a little on the dull side.

He was on everything Soundgarden did, they never played with anybody else.

As for Pearl Jam, this is what I can remember off the top of my head (there will be more!)

* Dave Grusin
* Matt Chamberlain (briefly - that's him in the video for Alive)
* Dave Abbruseze (sp?)
* Jack Irons
* Matt Cameron

So, if you want to play for Pearl Jam you clearly need a four-letter first name, and I'd put good odds on "Jack" as they seem to like keeping the number of names for the drummer down to a minimum and they've already had two of each of the others...
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