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Default Re: Help Me Pick A New Car Or Truck

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
These newer cars make me nervous with all of the stupid back up cameras and chimes that go off when you get close to something. Doors that auto lock, Low tire lights, Stability/Traction Control. Buttons all over the steering wheel.
I despise all that crap!

No One makes a regular car anymore. They are all over engineered with plastic crap.
These idiots even cover the engine with a large piece of plastic that has to be removed for service.
No Man would ever cover something as cool as an engine with a slab of plastic with stupid stuff written all over it!

What has happened to the world?
Who really wants all this crap in their car?

The more that I look, The less I like!

Oh Yea, What was wrong with 15 inch wheels?
Oh yeah, with you on all that Bob. I hate all the silly crap, & cheap plastics really get my back up. What's wrong with a nice painted steel dash & trim? BTW, most of those pathetic so called safety things, are a direct result of your litigation driven society. Chimes--"Oh, I didn't realise I had to stop the car before I get out", Plastic engine cover---"Oh look, an engine, I think I'll just warm up my planet sized butt on that", "Ooo, I can trim my nails in that nice spinny fan thingy" Safety signs---- "objects may be closer than they appear", no shit, it's a mirror!!!
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