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Default Re: Help Me Pick A New Car Or Truck

What I really want for my next vehicle is a classic hearse. I've wanted one for a long time. The problem is that my wife would NEVER ride in it, so I could only get it if I'd be okay with not being able to drive her anywhere, lol.

She also won't set foot in a cemetery. When I want to check one out she does something else, or sits in the car.

Sometimes I have us visit places that are supposed to be haunted, but I just don't tell her. I say I'm interested in it for some other reason.

(I'm a huge horror fan, a fan of the whole "aesthetic" and fantastical aspects of all of that stuff, etc.)

Anyway, so here's my suggestion:


Or even this, but it's not good for long distances:

This one is cool:

Or if you ever go muddin':

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